Inbox Placement Tester

Discover the True Inbox Placement of your Email Campaign Before you Send.

What's your email deliverability? Let our inbox placement tester tell you

How many of your emails are reaching the inbox? Sometimes, answering that question can be incredibly difficult. Your US-based customers have no issue receiving your communication. But what about your international clients? You can use our Inbox Placement Tester to find out.

The ZeroBounce Inbox Placement Tester tells you if your emails will make it to your recipient’s inbox. This test will allow you to send an email to different mailbox providers around the world and quickly check to see the placement of that email. This is especially important if your business relies on those emails/newsletters to generate revenue, or forward important notices and announcements.

We’ve made the Inbox Placement Tester amazingly simple to use and affordable to integrate into your email marketing testing cycle. This tool is part our new deliverability toolkit, and if you've signed up for a FREEMIUM account, you'll get one test per month – for free!

How to get started with the Inbox Placement Tester

Build your email

The first step is to build your newsletter/email as you normally would. This can be in MailChimp, AWeber, Constant Contact or any other email service provider (ESP). Once you're happy with the design, log into your ZeroBounce account and click on Inbox Placement Tester. Follow the instructions to begin testing.

Choose which mailbox providers you wish to test by selecting from the dropdown

We provide you with 20+ international testing addresses. These are the common email providers that the majority of consumers use.

Choose just one – or all – to test your email.

Create a special sending segment (or test list) in your ESP and populate it with the email addresses we provided. Then send your campaign, including the unique code, to those addresses.

Our system will check these inbox and spam folders for your campaign so we can deliver your results.

Will it be inbox or spam?

Once your email has landed in the selected mailbox providers, the Inbox Placement Tester returns your results. It takes only a few minutes and the status will be one of the following:

  • inbox
  • missing
  • spam.

This quick insight helps you identify any issues and consult with your postmaster to find ways to fix them.

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